Patient Brochure

By: admin | Jan 30, 2018

I always like to keep my NBC-HIS patient handout brochures easily visible and accessible for my patients.  I like to also make sure that every new patient that comes in receives one.   These little things have been a tremendous help to not only myself, but for my patients to know they are working with a credential professional.   Over the years I have experienced hearing from new clients different things “competition” has said about me to try and play down the education and professionalism of the dispenser, so I have been proud to display my certifications and education.  Taking the opportunity to educate our patients on our credentials is an important step that a lot of hearing professionals miss.

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Submitted by:
Joli Robinson, BC-HIS, ACA

The NBC-HIS is an independent, non-profit, credentialing organization, established to promote continuing competency assurance of hearing healthcare professionals and to provide a standard of excellence in hearing healthcare for the consumer.

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