Why Would an Audiologist Want to be Board Certified?

By: admin | Jan 30, 2018

I have been board certified for many years.  On occasion colleagues have asked me why I would bother.  I bother because it is one more thing that sets me apart from competition. To me, board certification is a symbol of the passion I have for helping people hear better.  That passion is not exclusive to either audiologists or hearing aid specialists.  The field of audiology is a broad one.  Board certification is the way to show that my professional focus is on hearing aids and how they improve people’s lives.

So if you are an audiologist looking for another way to separate yourself from the pack and you have a passion for helping people hear better I encourage you to get your BC-HIS. It’s affordable, attainable and accessible.

Submitted by:
Laura Dennison, Au.D., BC-HIS

The NBC-HIS is an independent, non-profit, credentialing organization, established to promote continuing competency assurance of hearing healthcare professionals and to provide a standard of excellence in hearing healthcare for the consumer.

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